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Coming to Kindle and Smashwords
November 2013

Aug 7, 2013

Everything Wrong With ‘District 9′ In 3 Minutes Or Less

To help get us ready for Elysium coming to theaters this week, CinemaSins has released a new video that points out “Everything Wrong With District 9 In 3 Minutes Or Less.” Previously, we’ve written about CinemaSins and their series of Everything Wrong With videos.

Control Toys, A Line of Educative Toys For Badly Behaved Children

Funny Cage
Ad agency Publicis in São Paulo, Brazil created a fictional line of “educative toys for badly behaved kids” which were for an episode of the reality TV show Super Nanny. Empty boxes of these these fictional “Control Toys” (which included the “Lovely Strait jacket,” and the “Funny Cage”) were placed on toy store shelves in Brazil to capture the attention of parents. The back of the boxes read, “There are better ways to discipline your child. Watch Super Nanny.”

Control Toys
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