Coming to Kindle and Smashwords

Coming to Kindle and Smashwords
November 2013

Apr 3, 2013

Richard Dawkins Justifies His Belief in Science: ‘It Works, Bitches’

During a talk at Oxford University back in February, scientist Richard Dawkins was asked to justify his belief in the scientific method. In his brief but pointed response, Dawkins explained that he believes in science because it works, or as he put it: “It works, bitches.” His quote appears to be a reference to a classic

VICE Series on HBO Will Feature Groundbreaking Stories From Around the World


VICE is an upcoming news magazine series on HBO that will feature “startling, groundbreaking stories from around the world.” The show is executive produced by Bill Maher, journalist Shane Smith and VICE’s chief creative officer Eddy Moretti and Fareed Zakaria of CNN will serve as its consultant. It premieres April 5, 2013 (trailer). Vice Media was recently featured in The New Yorker.

A Multitrack Cover of the ‘Game of Thrones’ Theme Song by Violinist Jason Yang

Back in July of 2011, Los Angeles-based violinist Jason Yang arranged and performed a multitrack cover of the Game of Thrones theme song by using both an acoustic and electric violin. The original theme song was created by composer Ramin Djawadi.

Tribute to Ridiculous Voices of Singers by Key of Awesome & cdza

The Key of Awesome and cdza collaborated on a “Tribute to Ridiculous Voices,” a musical homage to their favorite singers.