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November 2013

Sep 26, 2012


Bagelheads’ are Injecting Saline Into Their Foreheads to Create Trendy Bagel-Like Shapes
In National Geographic’s new series Taboo, we learn that the latest Japanese trend in body modification is “injecting saline solution into the forehead to create a temporary bagel-like shape.” Recipients are called “Bagelheads” and in this clip from the episode titled Extreme Bodies, you can see how it’s done.
For some people, improving one’s appearance can lead to extreme body modification…artist Keroppy is leading the way in the trendy body modification industry. His newest exhibition features “bagelheads,” people with what looks like a small bagel protruding from their foreheads.

Bagel Head
A ‘Bagelhead’ getting a medical saline

Fett Noir, Classic Noir Movie Posters Given a Star Wars Remix

Fett Noir #4: Nightmare Alley by Dean Reeves
Calgary, Canada freelance art director Dean Reeves has created a series of painted movie posters titled Fett Noir that give a collection of classic noir movie posters (Nightmare Alley, This Gun for Hire, Night and the City and The Big Sleep) a great Star Wars remix. A limited edition of 250 numbered 12″ x 18″ prints of each of the four poster designs are available to purchase on Etsy.
Fett Noir #1: This Gun For Hire by Dean Reeves
Fett Noir #2: Night and the City by Dean Reeves
Fett Noir #3: The Big Sleep by Dean Reeves

The Armory Club, Opens a Swank Upscale Cocktail Lounge

Bottle Service
Maitresse Madeline
image via The Armory Club
The Armory Club is’s recently opened upscale cocktail lounge located in San Francisco’s Mission neighborhood. It is described as “the best a bar should offer: thoughtful drinks, attentive service and comfortable design with the right amount of kink to make a night of it!” The Armory Club is open Monday through Sunday (doors open at 5 PM each day) at 1799 Mission Street in San Francisco, California, which is across the street from the SF Armory headquarters (we recently posted about the adult film set tour I took there). Photographer Michael Mason of Grub Street San Francisco paid a visit the night before its opening and shot the club’s swank interior (gallery).
Delicious Drinks, Attentive Service, Beautiful Barroom, and just enough kink to make it a night!
The Armory Club
photo by Michael Mason via Grub Street San Francisco
The Armory Club
photo by Michael Mason via Grub Street San Francisco
The Armory Club
photo by Michael Mason via Grub Street San Francisco
Made With Love
image via The Armory Club
The Armory Club

Humorous Dog Costumes That Look Like Things are Riding on Its Back

Dog Riders Headless Horseman Costume
The innovative group of creators at Paper Magic have put together a great series of Dog Riders Pet Costumes that will surely make any canine stand out during their trick-or-treat walk on Halloween night. Each adjustable harness costume is made to fit most dogs (each humorously designed to look like things are riding on its back), and is available to purchase on Amazon.
Dog Riders Monkey Costume
Dog Riders Cowboy Costume
Dog Riders Mailman Costume
Dog Riders Goblin Orc Costume
Dog Riders Bike Rider Costume
Dog Riders Jockey Costume
Dog Riders Cat Costume
images via Paper Magic on

BevBuckle, A Retractable Belt Buckle That Holds a Beer

BevBuckle holding a bottle. Also hold cans, snack packs, chips, hot dogs, etc

Arrowhead: Signal, A Low Budget Independent Sci-Fi Film Short

Arrowhead: Signal is a low budget 10 minute sci-fi film short inspired by the upcoming Australian independent feature film, Arrowhead, which is about an escaped convict / mercenary named Kye who is alone and stranded on a desert planet, waiting to be rescued. Signal really has me wanting more. To help this feature film come to fruition, the crew of Arrowhead has set up a crowdfunding platform on Pozible, which has a similar fundraising model to Kickstarter. They have a great selection of backer rewards, such as being an extra in the film or even having your last name be the actual last name of Nye, the main character. You can learn more about the film and fundraising in their promo video.

Arrowhead synopsis:
Arrowhead is a movie about redemption and loneliness, set against the backdrop of a sun-baked desert planet. After an intense prison break, Kye’s heroism gains him the attention of a ragtag group of rebels, led by an ex-military general. With the promise of guaranteed freedom, the general lures Kye into a dangerous hostage mission which leads him stranded alone on a planet for several years.
While alone, our hero has to decide whether he wants to continue on his violent path, or undo the damage he has done. But inner peace is hindered when Kye becomes infected with a symbiotic alien creature, which periodically causes hideous transformations.
It’s Jekyll and Hyde meets Robinson Crusoe. The Incredible Hulk in the distant stars. A bullets-and-sand adventure that will introduce pulp science fiction to the cerebral, character-based intimacy of independent cinema.
Arrowhead: An Independent Science Fiction Film
Arrowhead credits:

Fantastically detailed miniature replica of Katz's deli

Miniatures sculptor Alan Wolfson was commissioned to make a teeny weeny, fiendishly detailed diorama of the legendary Katz's Deli. Wolfson doesn't do miniature people, so he needed a plausible reason to make an empty Katz's (it's normally mobbed). He opted for a "closing time" Katz's, complete with tiny dirty dishes. There's tiny neon outside, too!

Katz’s Delicatessen is one of those legendary New York locations. It’s been in business on the lower east side of Manhattan since 1888, and is New York’s oldest deli. Telling someone to “meet me at Katz’s..,” is almost the same as telling them to meet you under the clock in Grand Central - everyone knows where it is. The collector who commissioned the piece no longer lives in the city and wanted something that reminded him of the many times, when he was a boy, that he and his family had eaten at Katz’s.

Fruit salad trees with six different fruit-bearing branches grafted on them

The Fruit Salad Tree Company of Emmaville, NSW, Australia sells trees that have up to six different fruit-bearing branches grafted on them.

Interview with Ray Harryhausen

NewImage Here's a 1974 interview with SFX pioneer and "Dynamation" inventor Ray Harryhausen, whose stop motion magic brought to life such classic films as The 7th Voyage of Sinbad (1958), Jason and the Argonauts (1963), and One Million Years BC

David Byrne and St Vincent performing each others' songs together

Pitchfork's got a couple YouTube clips from the ongoing David Byrne/St Vincent tour, which is in support of their new album and Byrne's new book, both of which are amazing. I saw the tour stop in Toronto and actually wept at one point. I've been listening to the new album, Love This Giant nonstop since, and it's become the soundtrack of my days. I can't remember the last time a new album took over my life so completely.