Coming to Kindle and Smashwords

Coming to Kindle and Smashwords
November 2013

Jul 26, 2012

2001: A Summer Blockbuster

Via Imaginary Foundation, this trailer for a new summer blockbuster called 2001: A Space Odyssey. In theaters June 4, 1968



Industrial Evolution, A Life-Size Plunger Monster by Jason Freeny

Industrial Evolution by Jason Freeny

Backyard shed/Tardis


Einstein19 built this home Tardis shed and matching dalek ten years ago, but only recently published it on Tardisbuilders*. It's a magnificent piece -- I only wish I could access the Tardisbuilder forum where it appears, as I'd love to see the interior!

Olympics: the alien invaders that destroy our cities

(Image by Smuzz

Horse what horse? Olympics? What Olympics? Wife ? What wife? This guy is a phony as a preachers sigh.....

LONDON — Though Mitt Romney has said he is “very pleased” that the dressage horse his wife, Ann, co-owns will be making its Olympic debut in London games, his campaign has made sure that Mr. Romney will be long gone — and hundreds of miles away — before a single prancing hoof hits the ring.
Though Mr. Romney is proud of his wife’s success in the little-known sport of dressage — sometimes called “horse ballet” — the horse Rafalca has proved a controversial and pesky presence within the Romney campaign, a reminder that the Romneys are exceptionally wealthy and, as the Democrats argue, out-of-touch with average Americans.
Mr. Romney’s team has already found themselves walking a fine line between extolling the virtues of the riding Mrs. Romney took up as therapy for her multiple sclerosis, and preventing her dressage horses, which run in the six figures, from overshadowing their campaign message of fiscal responsibility. The London games, when Rafalca will compete for the gold, presents their most public challenge yet