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Coming to Kindle and Smashwords
November 2013

Apr 25, 2012

hooray!!!!!! Pizza Cupcakes

Pizza Cupcakes

Pizza Cupcakes
San Diego-based food blog Kirbie’s Cravings has concocted Pizza Cupcakes, a recipe for savory pizza-like cupcakes (technically, muffins) that are filled and topped with tiny pepperonis and cheese

Exclusive: See Mondo’s Captain America Character Poster for The Avengers

Mondo and Marvel's Captain America character poster will go on sale Thursday with three others from The Avengers.
Image: Phantom City Creative (click to enlarge)

Captain America stands stoic and strong behind his red, white and blue shield in the latest Avengers character poster from Mondo and Marvel.
The image, by Toronto-based indie



Girl swallowed by pavement

[Video Link] A kindly hack came to her aid.

Timothy Ferris on the Voyager probes' "Golden Record

 Images Voyager-Records-631
In 1977, NASA mounted copies of the above record album on the Voyager I and Voyager II space probes and launched them into the depths of space. Each album contained recordings of Earth, greetings in 55 languages, music, analog-encoded photographs, and a marvelous etching depicting a man, a woman, and our address in space. The Golden Record was produced by science journalist and Rolling Stone editor Timothy Ferris, astronomers Carl Sagan and Frank Drake, science writer Ann Druyan, and artists Linda Sagan and Jon Lomberg. Tim Ferris was my mentor in graduate school at UC Berkeley and I occasionally peppered him with questions about that amazing task of creating an album meant to represent life on Earth for any extraterrestrials that might, well, have access to a record player. In the new Smithsonian, Tim wrote about the two Voyager probes that in the next three years will likely pop through the "heliospheric bubble" into interstellar space. To complement Tim's beautiful piece, the magazine tells the story of the Golden Record. From Smithsonian: